Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Year Resolution: The Challenge

Thankfully for now, snow has not yet fallen all around us, yet (I hasten to add); though we still don’t know whether this is thanks to global warming, or the ever changing jet stream. That time of year is almost upon us, where we fixate on what we really don’t like about ourselves and vow to change during the next year; although this is usually before an almost instant loss of interest and discipline.

For the approaching New Year, I have decided to make my resolution a little earlier than usual and in a very public way.

I resolve to drink at least a pint of beer in every pub serving Real Ale on the Wirral during 2015. I will also be taking this opportunity to collect information on price, availability and beer range as well as attempting to review each pub as I go.  I will invariably be giving regular updates on my blog to keep you all updated on my resolution.

Then I had a rather devious thought; what better way of further injecting positivity for everyone than by extending the challenge to a group of people dedicated to campaign for all Wirral real ale pubs, namely Wirral CAMRA.  I thought that this would be a fantastic idea, ideal for helping them to reconnect with old members and giving them a chance to connect with Wirral pubs that they rarely seem to visit.

Realising that there may also be other people that would relish attempting this challenge, I contacted the editor of MerseyAle to establish whether they would be interested in using this idea as an article.  I was very surprised when they published it (though I have to add that it was only a draft version and strewn with grammatical errors, sadly I wasn't given an opportunity to rectify this).  Regardless of the manner of the article, it thankfully did get the challenge out.

Please read the challenge in Winter’s MerseyAle (on page 15) or click

2014 has been a great year for the Wirral Beer scene, with established beer festivals getting bigger and better at every outing.  New beer festivals have opened up across the peninsula and gave Wirral residents an education through the access to a broader range of fantastic beers.  In keeping with this growth, Wirral's first micro pub, the 'Lazy landlord', to be located in in Liscard, is imminently due to open.  On top of this, a variety of bottled beers are being sold in more shops, offering an amazing variety of local and world beers.  The new Britman Brewery opened in Burton Manor and an established local favourite has undergone an expansion to bring us yet more choice of beer.

I can only hope that this challenge I have issued serves to keep the momentum, positivity and direction that the Wirral beer scene has displayed in the past year for the duration of 2015. Though I do not know where this scene will end the year, with some nurturing from all parties involved, the choice and availability of great beer will continue to grow, giving us all better pubs and better choice.

I will be publishing a blog containing a full list of pubs on the evening of 31st December 2014 (or pending actually having plans, the following day - fitting for a New Year!) as well as regularly posting updates and reviews.  I welcome any feedback, suggestions and encouragement you may all have.

So please feel free to join in my challenge, or create your own for your area; just don’t try and do it all in one night!

Have a fantastic 2015 everyone!

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